Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome ride

Yesterday we had the best ride. 3.5 hours. We took out Angel & Galaxy, the faithful go any where duo & headed up the road. Took a few turns, & then looked for a cross county route back home. Found an old track that my friend used to use years ago & it took us through the bush, it was great being able to canter along the paths, not a care in the world, at palces it was quite wet, even had to go through water that was up to there bellies, they weren't worried though I think the 2 of them were just enjoying being in a different place. There is a whole network of trails thorugh this part, it's council land that surrounds the old tip/rubbish dump so mostly mountain bikers etc go in there. We had heard about it as the local pony club members had mentioned how they head in their to clean out the cob webs in their horses. It was just so nice to let the horses be horse & pick their way through the long grass, trees when the path was blocked & not have to worry about idiots on the road. Can't wait to go again.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wishing for better weather

Rain, Rain & more rain. O.K I know we needed the rain, & it has certainly turned everything green again, & the paddocks that were being rested are now starting to get some grass back in them, another week & we will be able to rotate the horses back to the beginning & give the big paddock a break. But come on! We're on a weeks holiday & were hoping to do lots of riding!!! Instead we have had to stick to the roads & footpaths & not go for the trail rides we were hoping to do. It's even to slippery to float them to the pony club & practice some sporting. I suppose I really shouldn't complain at least we are not having snow blizzards like some of my Twitter friends in America.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve ride

Well we are hoping to go out for a Christmas eve ride, but the weather isn't looking good. Rain rain go away & come back another day. The tinsel is ready to decorate the horses (much to their delight) & we were going to spread some christmas cheer. I really can't think of a better way to spend my afternoon - out with my best friend riding & having a good laugh. Will post some pics should we manage to have fine weather.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Horseland Sale

Just received my magic flyer in the post from Horselands - they are having a big sale on the 28th Dec, looks like there will be some pretty good deals. Might have to go & check it out.

Rosie Girl

Finally I took some photos of Rosie our recent rescue horse. She thought the camera was something to eat, & was very curious as to what I was doing. Not the best day for photos, we've had a lot of storms today & it was very wet at the paddock, although dinner certainly lifted their spirits.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

OTTON Thoroughbred Rematch Service

I stumbled across this website as I was searching the internet for horsey things - as you do when all you do is think horsey, which can get in the way of work. It's one ladies project to help home thoroughbred horses from studs & trainers. They are very affordable, beautiful creatures & it looks like she has helped re-home quite a few. Check out her website - you never know, you might find your next best friend there.
OTTON Thoroughbred re-match service

Providing a service matching Affordable Thoroughbreds with a new Career and loving homes

Rosie & Treats

We'll Rosie finally took a treat from us - she likes bread! and the next day she accepted a carrot from me. Maybe it was a trust thing or she simply had never had treats before, she is a mystery. Anyway we are pleased that she will not miss out now on the little extra goodies. I always pack lunch for my horse when we go out to an event & really wanted to be able to share with her.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Raining - good for the grass

Yeah - it is finally raining, & not just a drizzle. Means we won't be riding this afternoon, but we really need the rain as the paddocks are low & the 2 we had closed off to recuperate have just been sitting there waiting for rain. I think we will move the horses into here for a couple of weeks anyway to give their current paddock a rest. They haven't lost any condition, the 2 thoroughbreds are the ones to watch, the other 3 run on the smell of an oily rag. We are currently giving them hard feed at night but not a lot. The weight lifter mix is brilliant at keeping weight on, you just have to find the balance of not giving them so much that they get all hyper & silly.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Learning to Trot

Learning to trot is probably the most difficult gait to master as it feels rather bumpy at first and you could bounce in the saddle. To try and have a more comfortable movement for you and your horse, you should try to sit up as straight as possible with your shoulder back. Keep your knees bent and try and put your heels down and look forward between the horse's ears. Trot very slowly at first and new riders may learn to trot whilst their instructor lunges the horse or pony as this is a very effective way for the rider to learn balance. The horse is being controlled by the instructor and the rider can hold onto the saddle or neck strap to help their balance without having to control the horse. A common problem when first learning to trot is that riders tend to hold onto the reins to gain their balance which is very uncomfortable for the horse and may confuse them as your signals are giving different advice. If you have a fit parent or adult friend, then they may run slowly alongside your horse/pony controlling them whilst you practice your trotting. Another option is to tie a knot in the reins and hold onto the reins with one hand whilst holding the saddle with the other hand to maintain their balance.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Travelling with the Stars - Logo

I've just created a new logo for a friend of mine. Had it printed onto a t-shirt for her as a brithday present, really please with how it came out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Apples or Carrots

Well we're a bit suprised - I have never had a horse that would turn down apples & carrots. But our Rosie girl doesn't eat either. Is it because she has never had any? She will nuzzle it in your hand, give it the squeeze test with her teeth & then leave it in the palm of your hand. If only she could speak & tell us about her past.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Recognise correct leg at canter and how to change lead at canter through trot

It is easy to recognise the correct leg at a canter as the horse/pony should strike out with their inside foreleg and this leg will appear to be in front of the outside foreleg. It is important to ensure that your horse/pony is on the correct canter lead particularly when turning or undertaking circles. If the horse/pony is on the incorrect lead, then they are more likely to stumble or fall as they are not balanced. It is generally easier to ask your horse/pony to canter in a corner and this can be undertaken in a round yard or a dressage arena if you have one available. Make sure that your horse/pony’s head is placed to the inside and sit trot a few strides before asking to canter. Keep your body upright and move your outside leg back behind the girth keeping the inside leg on the girth and use your inside calf muscles rather than a tapping squeeze. Should the horse/pony strike off with the incorrect lead, ask them to come back to the trot and try again. Upon changing direction, you need to sit deep in the saddle, gently squeezing and closing the rein slightly until the horse/pony comes back to the trot. Once you have come back to the trot, give the same commands previously used but as you are going in a different direction, you will need to use your opposite legs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Darren Simpson Clinic

Wow, I attended a Darren Simpson Natural Horsemanship clinic at our Pony Club yesterday. There is so much to learn about controlling your horse! We each had 2 x 1hr lessons in a small group of 3 or 4. The first lesson was ground work. Reversing by using your lead rope & halter, teaching the horse to maintain your personal space & when leading not letting it run over you when you stop. We also did side pass over a pole & getting the horse to engage their hind quarters & having them pivot around in circles.
The 2nd lesson we did in the saddle, it covered the same ground except you are on the horse. Sounds easy! but believe me it wasn't. Gal was being naughty because he has a separation problem from his mother & she was catching a ride home in another float so we only had to make 1 trip back to the paddock ( we had 3 horses there) an his mother was throwing a wobbly because she didn't want to get on a strange float & leave Gal. So we also had a lesson on floating a difficult horse. And I got a lesson on keeping his attention & making him do what I wanted not what he wanted.
With the reversing we also learnt to stop. Very important. One particular rider had a problem with getting her horse to stop & had a very harsh bit on. Darren changed this to a snaffle & taught her to stop him by first teaching him to reverse & listen to her. It had also developed a habit of rearing to get out of doing things that he didn't want to. She was also taught how to turn the horse as soon as his front feet left the ground, & he soon worked out that it had no effect.
Anyway it was a great clinic to not only take part in but to also watch the other lessons. If anyone would like more information I have posted a link to his web site.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yesterday afternoon my friend & I purchased a rescue horse from But a Memory. She is gorgeous. Rosie a 15.3 Chestnut mare. Rosie is the kind of mare that loves a cuddle & is happy standing there having a pat while you chat. We both took her for a ride & she has a lovely trot & in a canter went onto the correct leg either direction. A soft mouth & moved off the leg as well. We would love to know how she ended up at the doggers. 
No photo's just yet, will take some over the weekend & then post them for you all to see.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Natural Fly Spray

Are flies bothering your horses? but you don't like to use chemical sprays. Here's a recipe that you can make yourself.

1 Cup vegetable oil
2 Cups white vinegar
1 Cup water
1 Tablespoon essential oil - either Citronella or Eucalyptus

Mix well & put into a spray bottle.
Shake before use & apply daily.

But a Memory

But a Memory is a horse rescue site based in South East Queensland, Australia. They advertise 3 categories of horses, but their passion & ultimate goal is to change the lives of horses that are currently at the doggers yards awaiting their fate.
These horses have become 'But a Memory'. Their end fate is is that of the European meat market. But a Memory has built a relationship with the doggers in an effort to offer the horses a second chance, all the horses advertised are on a deadline, they are only for sale for a short period of time before the doggers will destroy them. But a Memory receives no profits from the sale, they take in the horses to their own homes, feed, handle & ride where possible in order to give them an opportunity at another life.
The 2nd category is the 'Rescue' page. These horses are often on their way to the doggers, or at a transitional property. They are classed as rescues because they are well on their way to becoming 'But a Memory'.
Lastly the 3 category, these are simply classified adverts that are run in order to assist their owners in finding the best possible home.
If you are looking at purchasing a horse, please have a look, browse through the previously rescued page & you will see the many happy owners who have helped to save a very loyal life.

"But a Memory"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Train Your Horse & Cure Bad Habits
EBook(R) Package Revealing Powerful And Effective Horse Training Techniques Of Old Time Master Horse Trainers. 
Natural Horsemanship Training Videos
Horse Training Software System Teaches Natural Horsemanship With 17 Horse Training Videos For $99.95. Also Sell Natural Horseback Riding Product.

Horse Health

Signs of a healthy horse The following points may assist you in determining if your horse is well and further investigation should be undertaken if any abnormal symptoms are shown by your horse. Make sure that you get to know your horses habits as this will greatly assist you in determining if your horse is unwell.

Eyes – A healthy horse or pony’s eyes should be bright and clear and they should take interest in their surroundings. If the eyes look dull and lifeless, then you should investigate further.

Ears – A healthy horse or pony’s ears should be alert and they should follow your movements. Any horse/ponies with ‘droopy’ ears or unnatural lying of the ears flat back. Be careful approaching the horse or pony because the aggressive stance of the ears could mean that your horse/pony may be in pain and may lash out at you if you are unprepared.

Weight – Horses should maintain weight with very little change between seasons. Sudden weight loss should be investigated immediately as this could be a sign of colic. Make sure that if your horse wears a rug that you check under this rug every day as sand colic can come cause sudden weight loss very quickly.

Stance – If your horse does not appear to be standing in a normal manner, this could be due to a problem in the legs or hooves. Stone bruising is quite common so a check of the horses hooves should be undertake every day to ensure that no stones or other bodies have become lodged in the hoof. If possible, ask a friend or family member to walk the horse/pony out if you are having trouble identifying which leg is the problem as your horse/pony’s head may ‘bob’ when stepping on injured limb or hoof. Running your hands down the leg/hooves may identify any hot spots which could indicate the site of the injury.

Nostrils – If your horse/pony is unwell they may have a runny nose (just like us) which could indicate a cold or something a little more severe depending on the discharge. Temperature – It is helpful to regularly take your horse/pony’s temperature as any rise in temperature could mean that your horse is unwell.

Feed Patterns - A healthy horse will welcome its feed however a sick horse may fuss with their feed or refuse to eat at all. This requires immediate investigation as this could be the start of colic.

Manure Droppings – If your horse is unwell, their manure droppings may change so attention should be paid to their individual droppings. Runny manure may be a sign of constipation.

Here I am on Galaxy, he loves his food & is a very healthy, happy horse who loves going out to gymkhanas & Pony Club Musters.