Friday, December 18, 2009

Learning to Trot

Learning to trot is probably the most difficult gait to master as it feels rather bumpy at first and you could bounce in the saddle. To try and have a more comfortable movement for you and your horse, you should try to sit up as straight as possible with your shoulder back. Keep your knees bent and try and put your heels down and look forward between the horse's ears. Trot very slowly at first and new riders may learn to trot whilst their instructor lunges the horse or pony as this is a very effective way for the rider to learn balance. The horse is being controlled by the instructor and the rider can hold onto the saddle or neck strap to help their balance without having to control the horse. A common problem when first learning to trot is that riders tend to hold onto the reins to gain their balance which is very uncomfortable for the horse and may confuse them as your signals are giving different advice. If you have a fit parent or adult friend, then they may run slowly alongside your horse/pony controlling them whilst you practice your trotting. Another option is to tie a knot in the reins and hold onto the reins with one hand whilst holding the saddle with the other hand to maintain their balance.

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