Thursday, February 25, 2010

The economic downturn in America & its horses

An interesting article of the fate of horses in America since the economic downturn. There will be a seriesof articles to follow that speak to the volunteer rescuers that no one hears about. These people save one horse at a time out of the kindness of their hearts & their own money.

Help Protect Mutton Bird Chicks

Help Protect Mutton Bird Chicks

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bramble Bay Open Sports Day

On Sunday 3 of us from Albany Creek Pony club went to the Bramble Bay Open Sports day. We took Rosie, Galaxy & Angel. It was Rosie's first time at such an event so I was a bit nervous, she had been to a couple of musters with no trouble at all, but this was larger scale with approx 60 -80 horses there.
The weather in the morning wasn't great & we hoped that the rain would hold off as we were all looking forward to going. Thankfully by the time (6.30am) we arrived at the paddock the clouds were clearing & we were now in for a hot humid day.
Rosie who had been clean the day before had mud all over the show, even with her rug on. So it took me a good half hour of brushing to get her respectable again.
Narelle from BBay club kindly cam down with their float & picked up Galaxy so my good friend Cath didn't have to make 2 trips with the float. Cath wasn't riding today she had offered to judge at the event seeing as she is an instructor & then in return we know that they will help us out at our next event. It's great, the small clubs working together.
Well we arrived safe & sound. For the first time Rosie hadn't pooed in the float but promptly dumped one when she was unloaded. Less mess in the float anyway. She was a bit excited to see all the other horses, but settled down pretty quickly.
We had about half an hour to register & saddle up, & have a gear check. We are now putting sports boots on her back & front plus bell boots on the back to protect her hoof from when she injured it about a month ago. With the sporting events there were a number that involved poles so we didn't want her to hurt herself again.

Here we are at gear check. That's Rosie & I on the right, the chestnut & I am dressed in navy blue with a black helmet.
After we had all been through gear checked we met up again to wait until we were told where to go. By now Rosie was as calm as could be, not worried at all by the other horses, makes it great to take her out.
Here's the 3 of us. From left to right. 
Rosie & I, Galaxy & Jen, Angel & Sarah
We all had a great day, I was wrapped to win 5 ribbons, 
Diamond Flag - 3rd
Half Hitch - 6th
Key Hole - 4th
Trail - 5th
Zig Zag bounce - 6th
Here's a pic of Rosie & I doing the half hitch.
Jen & Gal did really well, they have one of the most competitive age groups, 17 - 25 years, in the end she came 2nd overall for her age group.
A great day all round, we even managed to win a few prizes in the raffle.
Next weekend I am riding Galaxy at Redcliffe, We are doing 1 dressage test & 1 jumping round, I really dont expect to do well here because I have done limited dressage & jumping, plus Gal is not a dressage horse, but Rosie is not ready for jumping either. Cath is riding the big fellow Rocky, can't wait to watch them in action, he is such a beautiful jumper. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Albany Creek Pony Club

This is our little Pony Club. We only have 12 members, but we have a lot of fun.

At the Club

This is Landy, he's 23 & semi retired, he now teaches the kids how to ride.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amazing Golden Horse Head on display - first time in 1400 years

Wouldn't it be fantastic to see if you lived in the area. 

The solid gold horse is about two inches tall and covered with an intricate filigree pattern. It is in almost perfect condition. Most of the items in the collection appear to date from the 7th century although it is not yet known when the hoard was buried.
I have to say that I find ancient gold artifacts like this one enormously attractive. When my daughter and I visit museums we make a bee line for ancient gold and something of this quality would have us drooling outside the case.
The details on this gold artifact are amazing!
It goes on display at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent between 13 February and 7 March.
Unbelievably, this cache of artifacts was only discovered in 2009 
so there is still hope that more is out there!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rain Rain Rain

It just didn't stop raining last night. I don't know about you, but at some point you start to worry about just how much water is overflowing from you gutters. That point was about 10.00pm last night. There was a small river running past the front of our door (slight exaggeration) but when it is right outside your door it looks alot better. On the news they were showing people who's cars had beed washed away in car parks & houses flooded.

Last year we had a very bad cyclone come through & we had were flooded down stairs. So once we dried out we painted the whole base of the house with a cloth & tar mixture. Anywhere we couldn't put this we siliconed. Well I'm pleased to say that it must have done the trick. Everything is still dry inside this morning. Now lets just hope it fines up for the weekend to go riding.

Friday, February 12, 2010

But a memory.......... - Doggers Horses Available - Storm

Storm has been waiting for a home for a while now. She really sounds like a lovely mare with lots of potential. If you are looking for a new horse or know someone that is. Please spread the word & lets make Storm feel loved.
But a memory.......... - Doggers Horses Available
Storm, a big 16.1hh thoroughbred mare, 8yo, and is a lovely looking mare, and a nice mare to ride also. Easy going enough, she did throw her head a bit, but nothing crazy, not forward moving anything and a martingale would probably solve the problem. Great natured mare, not nasty, easy to pick up feet and tack up, and would suit someone that is looking to move on from their beginner mount. If you know the basic?s you?d be fine with Storm. $800. Call Angela on 0409 628 615

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Planning for the sports day

Hello All, well Rosie is cantering around the paddock with no sign of slowing down or discomfort. What a relief. So that's her holiday over. The rug is back on & this weekend we are back into lessons. I hope she isn't to frisky after 3 weeks off. I had only just started to canter her. So we might be back to trotting everywhere. Going to practice some Gymkhana events as we are going to a local clubs Open sports day on the 21st of this month. I don't think she has ever done anything like this before.

Events at the sports day are:
Bramble Bay Mystery
Mug Race
Diamond Flag
Half Hitch
Key Hole
Nambour nuisance
Wagon Wheel
Zig Zag Bounce

It's going to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rosie on the mend!

Well, finally Rosie has improved yesterday morning she was starting to walk on her back leg again & putting more weight on it. By the dinner time she could slowly walk as per normal it is only when she goes faster that she is limping & then every now & then it will catch her painfully.
We are so relieved that she is on the mend. It has been a worrying few days with hardly any sign of improvement & now heaps of improvement. We are over the moon.
We also went & saw a naturopath last night & got some drops from her that we have to give 3 times a day until Monday, this will help speed up the healing process. She also said to give them to any of the horses should they ever slip or fall or even after a hard days workout. it will help them recover faster. Very handy to have. We won't be riding this weekend but hopefully with another weeks rest we will be able to do some light work the following weekend. She has already lost muscle tone & has a flabby but again. Although I think she has actually been enjoying the extra attention, hay & not wearing a rug. So at the moment she is flabby, fat, sun bleached & dirty.