Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rosie on the mend!

Well, finally Rosie has improved yesterday morning she was starting to walk on her back leg again & putting more weight on it. By the dinner time she could slowly walk as per normal it is only when she goes faster that she is limping & then every now & then it will catch her painfully.
We are so relieved that she is on the mend. It has been a worrying few days with hardly any sign of improvement & now heaps of improvement. We are over the moon.
We also went & saw a naturopath last night & got some drops from her that we have to give 3 times a day until Monday, this will help speed up the healing process. She also said to give them to any of the horses should they ever slip or fall or even after a hard days workout. it will help them recover faster. Very handy to have. We won't be riding this weekend but hopefully with another weeks rest we will be able to do some light work the following weekend. She has already lost muscle tone & has a flabby but again. Although I think she has actually been enjoying the extra attention, hay & not wearing a rug. So at the moment she is flabby, fat, sun bleached & dirty.

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