Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on Rosie's lameness

Well it's still a bit of a mystery. My friend & I have been all over her leg & cannot find any heat or swelling. We cleaned out the hoof again to check for any damage or other problems & even though it seemed uncomfortable for her she didn't kick out or really struggle. She really is a sweat heart.
We felt all over & she doesn't flinch when you push on areas. It is definitely sore though as she is walking very gingerly. She can put full weight on it & use her other back leg to shoo flies away or scratch her head. From watching her we think it is sore in the hock.
Oh well she does seem a bit better this afternoon. It has after all only been 24 hours since she hurt it. If there is no improvement over the next few days we will call the vet out. Here's hoping that it is only bruising & a bit if rest will take the soreness away.

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