Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome ride

Yesterday we had the best ride. 3.5 hours. We took out Angel & Galaxy, the faithful go any where duo & headed up the road. Took a few turns, & then looked for a cross county route back home. Found an old track that my friend used to use years ago & it took us through the bush, it was great being able to canter along the paths, not a care in the world, at palces it was quite wet, even had to go through water that was up to there bellies, they weren't worried though I think the 2 of them were just enjoying being in a different place. There is a whole network of trails thorugh this part, it's council land that surrounds the old tip/rubbish dump so mostly mountain bikers etc go in there. We had heard about it as the local pony club members had mentioned how they head in their to clean out the cob webs in their horses. It was just so nice to let the horses be horse & pick their way through the long grass, trees when the path was blocked & not have to worry about idiots on the road. Can't wait to go again.

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