Wednesday, December 9, 2009

But a Memory

But a Memory is a horse rescue site based in South East Queensland, Australia. They advertise 3 categories of horses, but their passion & ultimate goal is to change the lives of horses that are currently at the doggers yards awaiting their fate.
These horses have become 'But a Memory'. Their end fate is is that of the European meat market. But a Memory has built a relationship with the doggers in an effort to offer the horses a second chance, all the horses advertised are on a deadline, they are only for sale for a short period of time before the doggers will destroy them. But a Memory receives no profits from the sale, they take in the horses to their own homes, feed, handle & ride where possible in order to give them an opportunity at another life.
The 2nd category is the 'Rescue' page. These horses are often on their way to the doggers, or at a transitional property. They are classed as rescues because they are well on their way to becoming 'But a Memory'.
Lastly the 3 category, these are simply classified adverts that are run in order to assist their owners in finding the best possible home.
If you are looking at purchasing a horse, please have a look, browse through the previously rescued page & you will see the many happy owners who have helped to save a very loyal life.

"But a Memory"

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