Sunday, January 24, 2010

A great muster / sign on day

What a great day we had at our first sign on & club muster. 3 new members! & a couple of girls from a nearby club also came over to practice a dressage test with one of our instructors as they don't get much of a chance to do this at their club as they have a lot of members.
Rosie had her first dressage lesson today & I am so very proud of her efforts. We started off pretty rough, with a crooked entry down the centre lines & a bit of fighting in some of the corners. By the time we finished she was maintaining a steady trot throughout the test, cornering well, & I have found out that she has very good transitions from walk - trot & back. It was exactly the lesson I wanted to have with her. We really bonded & were working as a team. No cantering today, but now that we have a lovely controlled trot from her it won't be long & we will move onto the 20M canter circles & see how she goes. I have learnt how to do a half halt & she is responding well. Hope to have some photos later so will post these soon.
Some of the other members went with our other instructor & they practiced a few sporting events. Barrels, bending & flagging. Afterwards we had a sausage sizzle & a drink. It was very hot, approx 32 today so we were all in need of some shade & water, especially our horses. Of course they were looked after first!
Then we had our AGM meeting & elected the committee, planned for our dressage day in March & made a date for the Oldies day we will now hold in July.
Can't wait for the next muster, it's such fun to get out & ride with everyone.

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