Monday, January 25, 2010

Benny our Bengal

Meet Benny our Bengal. We purchased Benny (then named Goliath) back in September from Little Paws Cat rescue. He was only 4 years old & had already had 4 owners. His last owner had surrendered him to the local pound because he had been hunting Wallabies in her paddock.
We couldn't believe that we had managed to find him. He is just beautiful - all 9 kilos of him. He is now really fitting in, he has become more sociable & will come down & spend time where ever you are working. I don't think he will ever be a lap cat but he is happy enough to stretch out beside you on the couch or floor.
Benny's favourite past time is sleeping, eating & playing hard. We have cat tunnels & a big basket of toys that he will help himself to. His favourite game is to sit half way up the stairs & for you to throw a scrunched up envelope to him so that he can either bat it back to you or catch it & then kill it.
From the beginning he hasn't been worried about the dogs. Jazz our Weimeraner is actually scared of him. Our old tabby cat Puss tries to boss him around & he could beat her up quite easily but he just backs off & moves on.
We love our Benny boy, or Slug boy as he is often called. What a great find! Here's just a few photos of him.

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