Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still raining

The rain seems never ending....
We are supposed to be living in the Sunshine State of Australia but you wouldn't know it at the moment. It's been a good week now since it started to rain, and they are still forecasting more. Inland the rural areas are having some of the worst flooding as the rain is compounded by the rivers bringing even more water down with them. Roma is being hit particularly hard.
The rain was welcome & there are still a lot of rural areas that are being affected by drought across Australia, but unfortunately this has brought to much rain to some areas & will be leaving a massive clean up bill.
Luckily for us we live in a suburban area that the flooding has affected. We have a little bit of soggy carpet downstairs - got to love that wet carpet smell. Our horses are looking sad as they have been in the muddy ground for a while now. Just hoping for everyone's sake that the forecast for the weekend is wrong & we will get some fine weather.

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