Friday, January 1, 2010

Update on Rosie

Well, we are very pleased with how Rosie our thoroughbred that we rescued from the doggers through But A memory horse rescue. We went on a long trail ride with all four of the horses this afternoon. Quite a bit of trotting & a small amount of controlled Cantering. She definitely would love to go for a good run, but at this stage everything is controlled. Not worried at all about the others, never kicked out of tried to bite when they were up close. And at the end of it all she was sound, so fingers crossed we have a good one. Either way we would still love her to bits & provide her with the 'forever home she deserves'.
Now that we know her a bit better we can start some schooling. Things we have to work on are, Learning to stand & wait while we are out. Dropping her head when we go into a trot or canter, she is trying to gain control. Not fighting to much but would like her to drop her head into a more relaxed position. And just general listening, but that will come with regular riding & practice.
Here's an updated photo of her, only 3 weeks & her coat is already a lot softer, can't wait until the shine comes through.

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