Friday, January 29, 2010

Rosie is limping

Well poor Rosie banged her leg on something this afternoon. We think that Galaxy cornered her next to the bath tub & when he bullied her she has crashed into the tub while trying to move out of his way.
She has opened up an old wound she had from her rug removal antics & also had a small mark just above her hoof. It's quite sore as she is very tender on it.
We have separated her into the small shed paddock with Midnight the old retired Brumby rescue as she is bottom of the pack & won't challenge her or push her around while she is sore. I washed it down with cold water & we have put butadiene on it to stop any infection & then a spray to keep the flies off it.
By the time we had all the new hay packed into the shed & sorted out which rugs were staying, going home & being thrown she was putting more weight on it & i saw her scratch her head with that back leg so movement is fine. Hopefully she will just need a week off. What a shame as she has been coming along nicely & Cath was going to take her out in the morning with some other friends as I have other commitments.
Will let you know how she is in a few days.

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