Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hay on order - time to clean the shed out

We've just ordered 50 bales of hay to cram into our little shed at the paddock. Everything is going to have to come out & what's not needed taken home, because there just isn't going to be room for it. At least it is going to be a good chance to give the shed a good clean.
I must admit that I am always a bit wary when delving into the depths of the shed, there could be snakes you know. And after all I am from New Zealand where we don't have snakes, they really do frighten me & I prefer to stay well clear. I find the best thing is to not think about it & just get on with the job.
The hardest part about all this lovely fresh hay is going to be convincing the horses that they can't have ay until winter when grass is short & they need a bit extra to keep their bellies warm. 

Rocky in particular will eat hay over his hard feed, he is very amusing to watch in winter, a mouthful of hay mmm a mouthful of hard feed, oh & then some more hay - it takes him for ever to eat his dinner

We have to keep Galaxy tied up or he will chase him off his dinner. None of the others have a chance of making him move though.

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